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by 張淵程 2013-02-11 18:14:46, Reply(0), Views(259)
I wish you A Happy New Year and all the best for the next twelf months... Do you have great parties...? Great fireworks? We have winter at the moment, more or less zero degree, a little bit of snow, like during the time when you have been here.
Here is every thing fine, our kids are growing, the twins will go to school next summer.
Last week all "Taiwan-traveller" came together to have a dinner in Lippstadt, some of us bring there photo album with us, so that we had a great revival meeting. Just Christina could not join us, because she is pregnant and will except her baby within a short time. All other "Taiwan-colleagues" have been there...
Viele herzliche Grüße und alles Gute für das Neue Jahr!!!